2012 LV bags are across the campus

Schools in more than half of the students are from China, Chen Yang discovered a spectacular sight: walking in the campus, man, woman, carry, destroyed, from presbyopia “to” checkerboard ” eyeful of discount designer LV handbags, many of them expensive limited edition (Special Declaration: the vast majority of genuine). Chen Yang recognize the classic pattern of “four leaves” in the country, which is a masterpiece of luxury goods, generally a LV bag more than the value of million. In Australia, the LV bag Price is clearly lower than the domestic, mid-range value of 1500 dollars (for a total of 9000 yuan). But it is still a sign of luxury.

On one occasion, a student carrying a LV after the Sydney Customs, female declaration asked his LV bag, I heard that the 1800 Australian dollars, immediately joked, “hello money, I want to marry you. Some time ago, the Australian dollar exchange rate fell, fell from six to more than 4, LV price has not changed, I took several girls to go shopping, each bought three or four. A bit of money boys will when the High quality cheap Louis Vuitton bags everywhere to send a gift. Course, does not rule out the money to buy a package of money to people eating pickles province for several months, or, simpler, to find a man to let him send. It is no exaggeration to say that the LV school bag, GUCCI Even since the fall of identity!

Why buy LV? Chen Yang can not tell a particular reason, perhaps the trend, perhaps empty, boring. Perhaps worth noting: first, families can send their children abroad, the majority of people born unofficial, rich “of the two background; Second, even if the civilian homes, for fear their children to endure hardship, and always do our best to provide economic supported. A sign of wealth is not only the Replica Louis Vuitton 2012. I have a classmate in the first year to buy Mercedes-Benz, the second year for BMW. Friends, a lot of people bought cars, the Hummer is very common, open Bentley. A bunch of luxury cars parked at the school gate, and everybody laugh, and the blockbuster “Twilight” scene almost sitting inside the car.

Class make-up girls, smoke makeup is not an exaggeration, but not basic makeup. Australia’s empty top-level shopping malls, there is always a group of Chinese students in the selection of cosmetics, including Lamer. Many girls bite the bullet and will buy, or advance their own dowry overdraft or near the last one for the boyfriend will eat for the saved money to buy things. In short, Australians eyes, these preparatory classes students are “generous”, wearing bright, acting in a high-profile.