2012 comparison of Luxury goods brand value

The report shows that Prada, Li Fung Group’s jewelery brand Cartier, as well as Hennessy cognac and Moet & Chandon champagne were ranked sixth to ninth place, Burberry was ranked the brand value of $ 4. 09 billion, an increase of 21 percent, accounting for about half of its market value.

The Louis Vuitton brand value accounting for its 61. 05 billion euros ($ 78 billion) market value of the 1/3. I like Chanel Wallets. Next in this ranking, Chanel is ranked fourth in the brand value fell 2 percent to $ 6. 68 billion; Newest discount Gucci 2012 newest collection USA, a decrease of 14% to $ 6. 42 billion, ranked fifth, China brightly lit slightly spokesman said, the ancient Chi brand value fell by its parent company PPR Group shares fall.

China brightly lit slightly, world’s second largest advertising communication group WPP’s Millward Brown released 2012 Brand, the world’s most valuable brands in the report shows that the luxury goods giant LVMH’s brand Louis Vuitton brand value of $ 25. 9 billion for the seventh consecutive year topped the luxury product list, Hermes (Hermes) and Rolex (Rolex) are separated from the second and third. Louis Vuitton Handbags for women is very classic, and most of us know this luxury brand. Chanel Clutch more discount, Next in this ranking, Chanel is ranked fourth in the brand value fell 2 percent to $ 6. 68 billion.

As are the leather started the luxury brand, Hermes now covers the luxury brand that can be involved in most categories, the main contribution to the results of the LV remained from the leather product line. But the seventh consecutive year on the throne does not mean that entrenched, and other important data of the report is displayed Louis Vuitton last year’s growth of 7 percent, and died the rival Hermes was as high as 61% (I do not know, Miss Guo contributions to geometry).